language learning app ui



Omri Cohen


South Korea

Project scope and technology

React Native, React.js, Node.js, MongoDB, AWS



Team Composition

React Native Developers, Node.js Developers, React.js Developer, UI/UX Designer

Work duration

16 Weeks


Gaining proficiency in foreign languages is a very time-consuming effort. FluentU is a language learning app that is designed for professionals, students, and other diverse segments of our population to gain expertise in speaking and writing international languages quite easily. The app is packed with immersive audio and visual tutorials with engaging assignments to provide a seamless experience of learning international languages.

Client’s Requirement

Client wanted us to bring out an engaging, scalable, and robust app which people would not find boring and expensive to learn international languages of their choice from anywhere. Similarly, the client also wanted us to make sure that the app could provide theoretical and practical lessons to users alongside tracking their progress on a regular basis. Our team started working on this app to overcome the challenges of acquiring proficiency in international languages.


As there are plenty of language learning apps in the market, we first decided to thoroughly evaluate the features and offerings of each of them. This enabled our team to incorporate cutting-edge features that other language learning apps are missing. Similarly, to overcome the issue of user-engagement, we created a customer journey map and high fidelity mockup presentation. This helped us in creating an ideal user interface that would allow learners of diverse skills to utilize the app conveniently. We also received assistance from linguistic experts when designing the adaptive learning algorithm to fulfill the distinct learning requirements and preferences of users smoothly.

Key Features

  • Customized Learning Paths: The app offers personalized learning paths based on each user’s language proficiency, interests, and goals.
  • Interactive Video Lessons: Consists a library of interactive video lessons in multiple languages that allow users to improve their listening and comprehension skills.
  • Vocabulary Building Tools: The app offers a comprehensive vocabulary builder that allows learners to save and review words/phrases from the lessons they've encountered.
  • Progress Tracking Analytics: The app has a robust progress tracking system to allow users to monitor their advancement with a detailed analytics on time spent, lessons completed, and areas for improvement.
  • Speech Recognition and Pronunciation Practice: The app is packed with speech recognition technology to assess users' pronunciation and also helps them to improve with feedback to refine their speaking skills.
  • Language Exchange Community: This app facilitates a community platform where users can connect with native speakers of other countries to gain proficiency in speaking and reading.
language learning app ui


The foreign language learning app has received terrific response after its launch in the global market. Presently, the app is having an impressive user base that denotes its growing popularity with time. We regularly focused on elevating the performance of this app to ensure its robust performance in an ever-changing technological landscapes.

3 weeks

crafting the design

10 weeks

full app development

2 weeks

user testing

1 week


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