Training of Riggers

A cutting-edge virtual reality platform to offer a secured and comfortable training environment to the construction workers.


It is very important to protect novice construction workers from injuries during the training period. This has erupted the necessity to devise an interactive and simulated virtual training application where inexperienced construction workers will obtain proper training very securely and comfortably. Such a platform will also help to upgrade their skills through constant practice in a simulated 3D background.

When a reputed construction firm, L & T Construction, approached us with such a requirement, we decided to deliver the best technology solutions. Our year-long industry experience has helped enormously to gain an exact idea of the hazardous work environment to which construction workers are often exposed. Our team consulted with the client and eventually decided to utilise virtual reality technology. We make sure that all the requirements are accommodated and reflected in the assigned task quite flawlessly.


This advanced virtual reality-based training application is named ‘Training of Riggers’. It comprises three distinct training modules-

  • Module -1 Imbalance of crane placed on uneven ground surface
  • Module -2 Fall of material during lifting by a crane
  • Module -3 Hit by suspended load (moving object)

This VR training application is compatible with the Android and iOS platforms and Oculus Go is the target device. Users have to wear the headset and need to follow the audio-visual instructions completely. On that basis, they have to perform different actions. We have also utilised other advanced technologies like Unity to enrich the learning experience of trainee construction workers.


Quite safe and comfortable

Properly explained instructions

3D training environment

Simple to grasp



Issues Emerged

This VR platform has successfully met the basic objective which is to deliver a safe and engaging

training experience to the trainee construction workers. The client has expressed immense satisfaction after having a thorough view of the demo. Our team has successfully integrated all vital features which shall make the entire training process very interactive, simple, and

visually appealing. This application has successfully captured the real work environment of a construction site that will help the trainee workers to develop their skills and expertise quite naturally.


We have utilised various advanced technologies alongside virtual reality to make the training platform quite realistic. Firstly, to create the exact look and feel of a construction site bustling with supervisors, riggers, and different work equipment, we have deployed 3Ds Max, Z Brush, Blender, Autodesk Maya, and others to make the training visually eye-catching and engaging. We have also utilised the 3D Unity Game engine 2019.x version as the main development pillar of this virtual training platform.



We are quite adept to handle challenges to properly meet the client’s expectations and requirements. However, in this project, we were assigned the task of developing a VR-based training platform which was a completely

different experience, unlike the previous game development projects. We, as a team, had to devote much effort to recreate the original construction site environment using virtual reality without any kind of deviation. We also had to work hard to make sure that trainee construction workers experience no issues understanding the training instructions and

executing the simulated task. Besides, we also had to focus on depicting all the construction equipment and its control buttons quite clearly. As it is a training platform, we never wanted to commit a single mistake and were prepared to walk the extra mile.


We proceeded quite systematically to overcome the obstacles in this project. Our team decided to deploy various cutting-edge solutions to make every training module and character visually attractive and engaging. This also helped us to ensure that every piece of construction equipment including the control buttons impart a natural look and feel. The effort worked very well. The client expressed satisfaction with the outcome.



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