CEO’s Update on the COVID 19 Situation


Importance of creating mobile apps for government agencies:

The evolution of technologies has strengthened the notion of change being constant. We as a technology driven organization facilitates government agencies to adapt in accordance with the mobile age. Our focus lies in creating citizen centric apps to provide public services and real time information. We are no less involved in developing enterprise focused apps to make government administration smooth, convenient and easily available to the public.

Our helping initiatives:

Red Apple Technologies enables the agencies of the government to provide their services via mobile phones. This will aim in making lives easier for the citizens as a whole. Moreover, the services offered will be adequately efficient, convenient and cost effective.

The mobile apps created and developed by us have facilitated various government agencies to offer distinctive services for enhancing public participation like payment of bills and taxes, availing relevant information etc.

Our skilled team of mobile app development has created high tech apps for making citizens more responsive and avail vital services such as transport, healthcare and police.

Some of the benefits of our government apps are:

  • Aid/inform citizens in times of natural disaster & crisis
  • Offers electronic services to businesses and citizens
  • High value interactions and better citizen service
  • Secured real time data access
  • Efficiency, convenience and cost reduction
  • Useful & easy access towards public services & information

Our future endeavor in creating purposeful government apps will continue to make lives smooth and convenient. Also, it will help citizens remain informed about various steps or initiatives adopted by the government to upgrade the administrative activities.