FIFA World Cup adds Fun Element to work with Red Apple Technologies

By Red Apple
Date: Jun 25, 2018
Category: Fun at Work

The 2018 World Cup Football has already commenced and employees across the globe are pretty excited to celebrate this historic sport event. Red Apple is filled with people who are eagerly witnessing this event of wide celebration of soccer. This organization has a specific purpose of productivity for its business but it also includes an eclectic group of employees with desire and excitement for connection and community in the work place. Red Apple is celebrating the World Cup in a fun loving and effective way to create the sense of cordial relation and fellow feeling.

Moreover, the management of Red Apple utlizes the celebration to boost up the office morale. It encourages friendly rivalry and competition to bring its employees together and creates more opportunities for communication. In fact, it attaches an excitement buzz to the workflow of an office day.

The ongoing FIFA World Cup has encouraged Red Apple to decorate the work ambience so that both the employees and the employer can avail an equal chance to embrace their creative aspect. It also makes the work environment more appealing and inviting. It has designed a World Cup Soccer theme by using different countries as an inspiration. Red Apple Technologies has arranged a competition for office door decoration with focus on each door representing a team.

To retain the adrenaline rush of the ongoing worl cup tournament Red Apple has started celebrating its Soccer Jersey Day. For this it has scheduled a particular day of the week. On that perticular day the employees have the chance to put on their loyalties on their sleeves. This will give them an intense feeling of the game. Some rewards or prizes are being arranged for best dressed soccer fan and look alike award that resemble the original player of respective favorite teams. The main purpose is to provide relaxed time to the co-workers to make them comfortable and also to curb monotony of the entire week.

Discussing and watching live matches during lunch hours is another initiative adopted by Red Apple to celebrate the occasion of the FIFA World Cup. Each employee is being asked to bring a traditional dish representing his/her favorite team. For example, an employee who is supporting Mexico is supposed to bring Mexican food else the food can also be decorated in Mexican style.

Red Apple Technologies believes in a healthy work environment and tries to motivate its employees by engaging them in various events realted to sports, education, communication, CSR etc.

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