We are a one stop shop for design, development and marketing for web, mobile and gaming applications. In the last 10 years we have been able to establish ourselves as specialists in the space of - Web Application Design & Development - Angular, Node, PHP, .NET etc. Clients who trust us and have a long term engagement are the likes of Larsen & Toubro, Disney, Zapak, POGO, BYJU'S, DOCOMO Digital, etc. to name a few.

If you really wish to bring in the desired innovation in your gaming contents, then definitely you need to look for someone who has the requisite proficiencies. Red Apple has the expertise of working in diverse projects across the globe. It utilises the trending mechanisms to create diverse customised games belonging to multiple genres.

The first thing you need to have is a basic conceptualization to make your ideas a reality. The next thing would be to do a bit of self research about a feasible framework with respect to the desires of your targeted gamers-avid and casual. The final thing would be to get in touch with an established developer to implement your concepts into playable content along with the related creatives involved.

Games now have more significance than mere entertainment. Businesses across industries consume distinctive gaming solutions for purposes like training, education, customer retention, promotional activities and lots more. This not only helps in business growth and development but also facilitates building brand and enhancing visibility.

 There are plenty of gaming platforms available these days. Based on the nature and scope of the gaming content, platforms can be chosen so that the aspirations can be met purposefully. For instance if you wish to come up with trend setting 3D games, cross platform deployability can be one of profitable solutions to stand out in the current competition. 

There are diverse genres of games accessible to meet the tastes and preferences of gamers today. Some of the notable ones include action, education, arcade, board, puzzle, casino, fantasy sports etc. The more the demands for games, the increase in the genres of gameplays.

 With time passing by, games have progressed a lot in terms of features and functionalities. Thanks to the resources being used for making games which can make dreams a reality. Developers worldwide contribute in keeping pace with the increasing demands for games to ensure satisfaction among the players. Technologies such as Unity, HTML5, Unreal are being used extensively to stay ahead in terms of features and functionalities.

There are a couple of ways through which you can generate revenues from your games. Options like in-app purchases, subscription models, paywalls, ad-ons can be availed to monetize your playable content.

 Game development companies today are expected to have the best expertise in making games enhanced with enriched look and feel. Red Apple as a game developer aptly fits into this criteria not only to make the content desirable but also to bring in the much needed transformation.

This company has got experienced professionals who can enable you to experience seamless submission and marketing. By incorporating diverse official and unofficial techniques Red Apple offers direct advertising through social networking sites, analytic tools, in-app promotions, app store submission to facilitate you in achieving your business aims and objectives. 

By signing an NDA, Red Apple will help you to safeguard your IP and concept. 

To ensure smooth workflow of your projects we will deploy a dedicated project manager who will be the main contact person. Based on the nature and scope of your projects, we provide scope to incorporate changes and facilitate towards meeting your business aims and objectives. This apart after the launch of your products, we do provide maintenance solutions for enabling your brand’s visibility. 

Unity is probably one of the best cross platform SDK available today to make the content distinctive yet addictive. We do work with this tool to make games popular in terms of trending features and functionalities.

Businesses across industries today rely extensively on technologies to ensure improved quality of work life. Right from attracting and retaining customers to empowering employees, from promotion and marketing to market analysis, AR and VR are significant in helping brands to gain strong digital presence along with creating innovative scope to establish benchmarks. 

Making games is indeed a challenging process. There are a couple of stages involved which can make your gaming contents appealing and exclusive. Some of the noted ones are discovery, production, testing, release and post release.

VR games are currently one of the trending ones in terms of features and functionalities. Diverse games from multiple genres are being made using VR technology to make dreams a reality. Apart from the technological aspects, VR based games are highly enriched with impressive visuals to boost the adrenaline rush of the players across the globe. 

Discovering innovative objectives, user recognition, social media integration are some of the strategies that can enable your brand to achieve success and popularity via gamified loyalty programs. In today’s fast paced world, this is indeed an effective technique to gain prominence and stay ahead in the current competition.

App development is indeed a challenging process which needs a deeper understanding of technologies and tools. Some of our well known used tools are Native Apps (iOS & Android): Swift, Objective C (iOS), Java, Kotlin (Android)

Hybrid Apps(React Native & Flutter):


With more than 10 years of expertise in the industry of mobile app and game development, we at Red Apple have come up with some of the finest solutions which are unique and customised. Few examples are-Panzer Fury, Baby Earth, Second Guess, The Score is Right, Sporco, Memorytrix and lots more. 
There are abundant of examples on ‘Our Portfolio’ page, please take a look.

Cross platform tools like unity would be highly suitable in this regard considering the rising demand and varied tastes and preferences. It not only helps in reducing complexities but also retains the proposed features and functionalities and serves a large section of the targeted users worldwide.

There are a variety of sites which offer valuable insights on this aspect. Moreover, our blogs are equally informative to make you understand how tasks can be performed to bring in the much needed transformation in this ecosystem.

At Red Apple, we do provide full fledged solutions. From conceptualization to after sales support and maintenance, we minutely coordinate with you at every single stage to ensure smooth functioning and long lasting business growth.

Definitely we provide digitally enriched graphic design / interface design services. Most app projects start with creating custom visuals of how the app will look and feel before we get into the developmental process. 


We start off with the design process by discovering the value that can make your brand stay strong and credible. In other words it should convey the impression in the most desired manner and ensure satisfaction among the users/customers.  We focus on making the visuals impressive so that your enterprise becomes the most appealing ones in the current competition.

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