5 - 10 Years

Job Location:


Job Description:

We are looking for a 3D Character Artist to join our team in creating the highest quality, kick-ass characters for our current and future games.

Responsibilities of a Character Artist may include:

  • Sculpt and model compelling, 3D characters, according to the game style and art direction.
  • Create additional character assets such as hair, accessories, armour, weapons, etc.
  • Texture the characters and character assets.
  • Create convincing materials, reflecting the art direction of the project.
  • Deliver clean and optimized low polygon models, and efficient UV layouts according to the project’s technical requirements.
  • Think creatively, and search for relevant references from various sources, to solve daily artistic challenges.
  • Manage own time and work efficiently within production deadlines.

Employers may look for the following skills in a 3D Character Artist:

  • Experience in digital sculpting, modeling, UV mapping, texturing
  • Excellent understanding of shading, lighting, structure, texturing, and silhouette
  • Vision to take a simple 2D sketch to create a 3D model.
  • Skilled in hard surface modeling
  • Understanding of mesh topology and edge loops
  • High level of artistic skills, strong sense of design
  • Knowledge of anatomy - proportions, muscle, and skeletal structures
  • Understanding of form, shape language and color
  • Ability to work from reference materials such as photography or concept art.
  • Good time management skills, ability to meet deadlines.
  • Strong technical skills, knowledge of industry-standard software
  • Good communication skills, ability to work with multiple departments on all their needs and constraints.

Software and Other Tools Used:

Character Artists work exclusively with computer software. A fluency in all or some of the following platforms is required:

  • Maya
  • Zbrush
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Substance Painter