How Bitcoin is Empowering Mobile Casino Gaming Industry ?

By Red Apple
Date: Dec 14, 2017
Category: Casino Games

You might have heard a lot about bitcoin online casino games, disaster relief with bitcoin, bitcoins for charity and more. But how many of you exactly understands what is bitcoin.

What Is a Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency, which is decentralized as it is not linked to any federal body or bank. This digital form of currency can be used just as you use cash, but in the virtual format. One of the most common uses of bitcoin are in online casino games.

Bitcoin enables people to anonymously receive or send money. Transactions of this currency can be done online over the Internet. This is a peer-to-peer system, which works without a single administrator.

Though there are various virtual currency options such as ethereum, bitcoin is considered to be the most used digital currency.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which is made up of lines of computer code, which makes it perfect for virtual casinos. These codes are transferred from one owner to the next; and during every transfer it is digitally signed. The anonymity with bitcoin transfers makes it a popular currency type with casino games, libertarians, speculators, tech enthusiasts and criminals.

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How Bitcoin was created?

Though bitcoin is now very popular in online casino industry. bitcoin.org was registered on 18th August 2008 and later in November a link was posted on the site which directed to a paper authored by Satoshi Nakamoto—titled “A Peer-To-Peer Electronic Cash System”. This suggested that Satoshi Nakamoto was the one to implement bitcoin system.

The bitcoin network came into existence in January 2009; this was when Satoshi Nakamoto mined the first bitcoin. Since then, bitcoin started becoming popular.

There are many applications of bitcoins. Bitcoin casino business is one very popular application of this technology. Casino gaming company in USA are now coming up with numerous bitcoin online casino games which are available over Internet.

Bitcoin Casino Business

How is Bitcoin mined?

There are tech enthusiasts who are called “miners”. They do complex calculations which verifies bitcoin transactions.

“Blockchains” is a process which is a globally running calculation of every bitcoin and it ensure that the number tallies.

There is a set of rules that governs every bitcoin transactions.

How Bitcoin benefits the online casino gaming industry?

Bitcoin online casino games started gaining popularity in 2012. Satoshi Dice was the first successful online casino game. This site offered gamblers many dice rolling games. Since then numerous online casino came up with attractive offers to players.

Benefits to the Bitcoin Casino Business includes:

  • Anonymity: This is one of the main reasons why bitcoins are perfectly suitable for online casino games. You get to remain anonymous even while you sign up with some online casino sites.
  • No need of Personal information: You credentials and personal information is not asked; this protects you from other fraudulent activities.
  • No fees for depositing and withdrawal: Bitcoin online casino games generally do not charge any fees for depositing and withdrawal. eWallet allows you to add or receive cash for free.
  • Faster transactions: This is another good reason why bitcoins are preferred for online casino games. Depositing and withdrawal from eWallet are faster. With some bitcoin casinos, it may at the most take few hours.
  • Bitcoin currency remains same: The value of bitcoin currency value remains the same when in your account. When the stock is high you may benefit from depositing.

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With the world taking mobile first approach, bitcoin mobile casinos are in demand. People across the world now have access to their preferred bitcoin mobile casino games anytime and anywhere.

There are several mobile casino games that support bitcoin based transactions. With the increasing popularity of this gambling format, almost all casino owners are now looking for mobile casino games which are compatible with bitcoin.

Casino gaming companies in USA have adopted bitcoins for its various advantages. There are numerous bitcoin online casino games where you can understand the power of this new digital currency.

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