Analysis of Cocos 2D and Unity Platforms for 2D Game Development

By Red Apple
Date: Jul 11, 2018
Category: Game Development

Game developers for mobile devices create services that can be made available for multiple platforms but with special focus on iOS and Android. The most fruitful option will be to avail a development environment that will allow you to serve multiple platforms from a single instance of game development. The first big question arises here: What technology should I use?

The users can avail different technologies and frameworks like Cocos2D, Unity 3D, Adobe Flash or Marmalade SDK etc. You can use Adobe Flash virtually for quickly migrating to mobile only when your application is already developed in Flash for browser use. This technology will be used for simple application like a board game. But in case of pool games or other games involving heavy animation and graphics, Flash will not be considered as a viable option. In this case Cocos2D will be more effective as it is an open source, comprehensive framework and is also free. This is an important reason for it being used as a development platform widely surpassing Unity or Marmalade which are not free completely. For developing 3D games Unity 3D has been and still remains the commonly used development platform. The new versions of Unity have certain specific functionalities which have made it equally popular in the zone of 2D games.

A Unity game development company will help you hire unity game developer for meeting your desired aims and objectives. If you want to experience the magic and excitement of 2D games, then you have to hire Cocos2D game developer.

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Unity or Cocos- Which one is the best platform for game development

The technology of Unity 3D is way more advanced than Cocos2D. If you do not have any budget constraint then you can undoubtedly go for Unity. Cocos is definitely considered as a decent back up. Also, Cocos 2D is free and is an open source.

Advantages of Cocos2D Vs. Unity 3D:

Apart from being free and an open source, Cocos2D is more up to date. On the other hand, Unity is more expensive. Although it has a free license but it is not adequate for professional game developers. Cocos2D has light libraries and uses C++ programming language. This makes it simpler than Unity. Also you can view the entire code for Cocos2D and can do edits for making it customized in accordance to your needs. If you are proficient in C++ then Cocos2D is the most apt one for you. It has got good physical engines and large number of developers are using it worldwide for development and support of different types of 2D games.

Advantages of Unity 3D Vs Cocos 2D:

Design Environment: There is no integrated design environment in Cocos2D. The design of interfaces and screens has to be done with loading images, programming and positioning them with C++. However, in some case external graphics editor like Cocos Studio can be used to configure certain objects. This editor is also less capable than that of Unity. On the other hand, Unity Editor is fully integrated. Cocos Studio is not highly integrated and it operates on XML file. On the other hand, the graphical editor of Unity enables the users layout and designs Unity scenes with convenience, to insert light effects, objects, scripts, physical effects etc. This is mainly done by modifying parameters and dragging components. As a result of this, it helps in reducing time greatly as compared to a layout with Cocos Studio or Cocos2D.

Programming Language: Unity 3D lets you use JavaScript or C#, while Cocos 2D uses C++. Both JavaScript and C# are powerful than C++ and also facilitates in programming algorithms and actions with less difficulty. Unity will help in focusing on game development features. The code editors for Unity like the Visual Studio or MonoDevelop are simple, stable and comprehensive than the Cocos. In one word it can be said that Unity helps in saving precious time which not possible much with Cocos.

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Community and Extras: Unity 3D is a very powerful development tool. This power is strengthened much with contributions from others via the Asset Store. This store helps the developers in large numbers to sell their resources, plug-ins and improvements. These plugins include 2D textures, 3D models, extensions, applications, animations, materials, scripts etc which can be bought free or can even be downloaded from the official store of Unity. Ngui is an extension to the graphical editor which contributes in saving considerable time for 2D game development. Cocos are devoid of all these lucrative features and benefits.

This blog post is an informative one about different angles of comparison between Cocos and Unity. Starting from the in-built features to additional benefits this write up will help you with a comprehensive insight to all aspects.

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