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We are proud to have worked with such big names, and the relationship is growing!


"Red Apple is focused and dedicated to produce their very best at all times concerning services . They have shown that the team is able to realize great quality projects and I recommend them highly."

Klaus Feld

Business Developer,London


"I've known Arup Roy for a few years now. Arup comes across as a smart, well-educated and a hard-working individual. He co-founded a company called Red Apple Technologies. It is a game development studio that develops apps and games for other companies as well as their own games. From what I know, Arup and his team always do their best to deliver the highest quality content and make sure their clients are happy. They have developed games and apps for a number of companies from all over the world."

Paul Shatilov

Business Development Director


"I have to say that Red Apple Technologies is an amazing game developing company and nice guys to work with. They won't leave until everything works well and develop high quality games. If you're interested in a high quality game, Red Apple Technologies should be one of your first choices!"

Tal Hen

Owner,DR Games

Neil Hetherington - mobile app & game client

"The team at Red Apple have always provided consistent results in their development of games and Apps. Taking our initial plans, they quickly realised our vision to create solid titles which many players enjoy. Always punctual and timely with communications, it's always a pleasure to work with Red Apple."

Neil Hetherington

Licensing Manager, FreeOnlineGames.Com


"I worked with Red Apple Technologies on four projects, two of them were big and complex, where the client kept changing requirements and these guys did a wonderful job at focusing our efforts in the right direction. Altough we are located in different cities, the team was always available, always open to new ideas on how to solve problems and had a strong grip when required to keep the project in track. Working with Red Apple Technologies was a pleasant opportunity and would gladly do it again in the future."

Saagar Dhoke

Game Producer And Product Manager, Zapak Digital Entertainment Limited


“I’ve worked with Red Apple Technologies on an html5 game development. The whole team is really proactive and dedicated to deliver a final product with the best quality. Even if the project required a couple adjustments, the team’s skills, support and reactivity has always been highly appreciated. I strongly recommend RedAppleTech for your mobile project development and I’ll be happy to renew our collaboration in the future.”

Docomo Digital


"What can I say after working with Red Apple? First of all that I will continue to work with them. Red Apple is a reliable and solid business partner. The development team is always ready to solve problems and showed me dynamism and great technical and creative skills."

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