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“Quality is not an act; it is a habit”
When a new product is launched, its success and viral quotient depends on the initial user experience. Before releasing any app or game, we ensure that it is tested extensively for quality, expandability and performance. We carry out thorough testing to create an engaging and flawless user experience. Every game is minutely tested so as to eliminate bugs and other loopholes. Regression testing is also done so that the product can continue its lifecycle even upon leaving our hands.

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Quality Process

We follow several procedures at our company to conduct Manual Testing:

  • Functional Testing / Black Box : This type of testing implies the application to validate its behavior based on client requirements. Some Functional Testing techniques are White box testing, Smoke testing, Black box testing, Unit testing and User Acceptance testing.
  • GUI Testing: GUI Testing or Graphical User Interface Testing is performed to detect any errors in a program. It ensures the correct functionality of GUI.
  • Module Testing: This is a test conducted to ensure that each module of the software is performing as expected. Each single tested module will be assembled to combine into a single functional unit.
  • Integration Testing: Individual software modules are integrated and tested to verify a system’s ability to function properly. It detects any fault in the interaction between integrated units.
  • System Testing: System Testing is the first level of testing in Software Development Life Cycle. This requires the system to be checked as a whole to find out the ability of it to meet functional requirements. This ensures the examining, validation and verification of both the Application Architecture and Business requirements.

Automation Game Testing

This is considered to be a vital element for the successful completion of a project. There are a number of automation testing processes which are done at Red Apple to enhance the efficiency of the software testing.

  • Performance Testing: This testing is a process to determine the speed and effectiveness of an application. Different tools like QTP, Selenium etc are used under this process. QuickTest Professional is an automation testing tool which performs functional and regression testing. Selenium is the most popular automation tool used in this process.
  • Load Testing: This is to identify the maximum handling capacity of an application. We use Load Runner in this regard. Load runner is a load testing tool which prevents performance related problem in an application.
  • Stress Testing: This testing is a process to determine the ability of an application to be able to perform beyond its capacity. Alpha and Beta Testing are the two testings done to finally check the overall performance of the application.
  • Under Alpha Testing debugger softwares are used and the application is checked at the developer’s site before it goes to beta testing.
    Beta Testing is the final stage of testing the application which is done by a large group of typical users before its release.

All the testing processes stated above are performed with the intent of handing over an application to you which is flawless and of superior quality.

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