Up to Date Facilities to Suit Modern Development
Dedicated Environment for Optimum Execution


Red Apple is a digital agency, which provides services all kinds of services that cater to the digital world. We use technology to communicate ideas, but that doesn’t start or finish with a screen. We research, design, and build for real people, helping our clients build meaningful relationships with their audience.

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Research & Development

Building an idea into an entity that we can touch and feel and manifesting into an existence at the same – “It’s Not Magic, Just Hard Work”. Our team of developers carries out extensive research before flagging a project. They are well informed of the latest technological developments and cater to the popular tastes in the market. R&D is a characteristic that our developers as well designers inherit from the start. Whether the idea is “How to Fly a Horse?” or “How to ride a horse?” – we entertain all types of ideas and try to find feasible solutions to those concepts.

Satisfactory Ambiance

Something that makes us a cut above the rest is the amiable work atmosphere. We pride ourselves of working in close collaboration, making our employees feel at home. Perhaps this is why we have seen zero attrition through the years. Our culture is not just to work, but also to make a difference. We believe every individual is an artist in his or her own way and has always something to deliver. We don’t believe in the Rule of Kings and Queens, instead we work as team and as team we deliver.

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Securing Our Services

We believe in maintaining confidentiality of our services, and this is why we follow a close-knit structure that prevents the leakage of any information that is crucial to our service. This has helped us win the confidence of our customers. Our clients’ data is kept confidential, our employees follow the code of conduct laid down by the company, we prohibit employees from carrying personal mobile devices like laptops and pen drives in the office, and every employee is given an access card which ensures that only authorized personnel can enter the premises.

Top-of-the-line Infrastructure

We are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure that incorporates

  • High speed internet,
  • Uninterrupted power supply,
  • Extensive quality control,
  • Antivirus protection,
  • Use of authorized software
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Customer Support

We offer a highly efficient customer backup with round-the-clock support and an always-available helpline number that can help you get in touch with us any time during the day. Our support staff is well informed and courteous, offering you a pleasant support experience.