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We are a band of creative people who thinks that we are in the era of excellence and perfection. When quality crafted with innovation, to create tools that can touch people’s heart – then that’s limitless and inspiring. That’s the kind of vision we have in Red Apple. We care for your ideas, build it with passion and deliver it with Integrity. However, Choosing a developer has never been an easy task, all the more so, if you are looking for someone who understands the idea behind your business, at the same time help you build it – We proudly say “that’s Who We Are”.

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Our Mission

Since the dawn of Red Apple, we have been inspired by the greatest and biggest names in the industry. We believed Technology should be felt with heart and mind. Our Mission is to create best products that become an integral part of people’s daily life. Its about simplifying complexities and constraints and to bring order to redefine the world as we see perceive. Whether we provide Digital Services to our clients or we develop amazing products we always maintain honesty, integrity and passion and that’s the way it is, and should always be in Red Apple. Here “Passion” is a “Religion”, “Technology” is our “God” and “Innovation” is the “Mantra” we chant. Being a start-up we are in the run for excellence our mission is to be the best Digital Agency to provide superior quality services to our clients.

Our Approach

We follow a simple approach – We Care for our clients and maintain Honesty and Integrity. We definitely undersell and over deliver. Whether we are working with pixels or with code, we iterate every detail like a daily routine. Perfection is the key to achieve excellence and the only approach to serve best. Our approach lies in providing innovations that change the world. A lot of businesses fail in the first five years. We take a wholesome approach by bridging the execution gap. Actually, we are more than just an app development company. We put technology in the hands of the world. Our approach involves five steps: idea, planning, design, development, quality testing, and launch.

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Our Methodology

We follow sequence of steps for every client. We start off every project after signing the Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to keep your idea safe. Then we will discuss project with you with concrete strategy and analysis and the potential of the project. After acquiring the details we start giving a visual representation of the concept by wire-framing it. Then you will have a clear idea about the product concept and how it will look. We will dive into the development and extensive Testing. We will give you every access to our development phases to keep it transparent. Every time we will keep you posted about the progress. So instead of speculating you will virtually be a part of that project. We do not stop after development; we’ll work together on post development strategies.Our developers use a feature-based methodology where concepts that are critical to your business are developed first.