What Every Android Development Company Needs To Do For Effective App Performance

By Red Apple
Date: Apr 21, 2017
Category: Mobile Apps

The current scenario of mobile apps makes it necessary for every android app development company to stringently address issues that ensure the life of an app on a user’s phone. The most astonishing fact is that 70% of apps are deleted after being used once because of quality issues.

Several factors could lead to poor performance such as delayed response time, crashing or poor user interface. Mobile app performance monitoring or APM is an extremely important factor when developing apps for android.

Drawbacks that impact App performance monitoring

Device compatibility:

A serious issue is OS compatibility such as mobile Firefox, Mozilla, Ubuntu etc. This is apart from the common standard mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows. Fragmentation of devices and mobile operating systems is always a problem faced by any android app development company.

Crash Reporting and User Testing:

Even though such monitoring techniques provide good insight into app errors in development making crash factors rare, still it is issues such as bugs, poor response time and similar problems that may influence users to uninstall an app immediately after first use.

User Testing:

despite of a development testing team apps may not be 100% error free. It is end users who invariably detect flaws unseen by a developer. Detailed testing of possible functionality of an app from a user’s perspective may even take longer than app development itself.


Fixing of bugs and errors after getting user reviews generates negative visibility tarnishing the company’s reputation. APM solutions don’t really address difficulties faced by the end user an important factor lacking in APM.

Features of an efficient APM

An efficient APM system that every android app development company should employ is to reduce the period of feedback for developers. Rather than waiting for user reviews to point out flaws and give bad ratings, it should address real time user information to create solutions in real time for better customer satisfaction. New APM methodologies should enable compete tracking of the cycle from instance of issue to the exact location of the problem. This reduces the response time and help developers acquire a clearer picture of problems and issues to develop effective solutions.

HTTP Requests:

A good APM system should monitor all connections of an app with external services. Heavy animated apps response time monitoring and data transfer is crucial

HTTP Errors:

APM solutions should track errors in HTTP request processing network failures and tracking error occurring rate. It should analyze the entire network path to locate errors for optimum performance.

Carriers and Geography:

Region wise tracking of errors and carriers is ideal for applications distributed across a large geographical location such as social apps.
An android app development company using an APM tool with such features is useful for all enterprising applications can be assured of fixing faults in no time.

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