Why Project Management Strategy Is so Important for a Successful Business Endeavor?

By Red Apple
Date: Mar 15, 2018
Category: Business, Project Management

What is Project Management?

There is great importance of project management in business. Project management is a tool or set of principles that is designed to help project managers derived projects effectively. This tool helps managers complete their projects within defined time frame and allotted budget. While delivering the product seamlessly it also helps them to ensure acceptable level of quality. There are many mobile game development companies who take the benefits of benefits of project management for business.

In business, project management provides a valuable and effective development and delivery structure that helps in identifying and focusing on priorities. It offers a way to track and measure performance as well as resolve issues and overcome challenges. Project management also provides ways to foresee any possible risks or discrepancies and achieve higher chances of success. Project management is not limited any one domain, but can be configured for various industry and departments.

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Traditional project management vs. Product management

As time passes existing principles usually evolve into better and effective methods Traditional project management focusses on conducting a full-length, detained planning for projects regardless of whether the requirements are understood. This sort of planning requires fixing long-term variables such as time, cost, scope, etc. Traditional project management requires a lot of upfront planning for these parameters.

In today’s era, everything is quick. This brings the challenges of constantly changing requirements and at a very fast pace. With such drastic and quick changes, most of the mentioned parameters are at risk of being changed. In such a situation, traditional project management techniques are of less use, thus adopting Agile management is effective.

Pirate Metrics:

Pirate Metrics was introduced by Dave Mcclure, in the year 2007. This is in fact a framework based on 5 metrics, abbreviated as AARRR.

  • Acquisition: Where are users come from and how long they stay?
  • Activation: Are they happy with their first-time experience?
  • Retention: Are they coming back?
  • Revenue: Is it helping you make money?
  • Referral: Do they recommend you to others?


Agile was generally used for software development. However, it is now widely adopted for any domain as it emphasizes of teamwork, timely delivery, customer collaboration, time boxing, and agility to changes. Agile is no only flexible but complex with various forms; one of the most common forms of agile is Scrum.


Scrums encourages and focuses on repetitive decision making. It saves the time that can be otherwise wasted in unidentified variables that are prone to changes. Scrum is the core of agile as it embraces change quickly and well. The primitive idea of scrum is to deliver optimum value to customer in shortest time possible.


A Sprint in Scrum Guide, is a slot of time span which can be of less than a month. It is a time-box in which different stories or epics are divided. Sprints usually have a consistent duration throughout a development life cycle. As soon as a Sprint ends, a new Sprint starts. Every Sprint can be considered as a mini-project which Ideally is of two weeks. During the Sprint the goal is to move all the stories to Done (completed, quality deliverable products).

Why is project management so Important?

Importance of project management in business is widely known. Project management is an indispensable tool for any business. Ranging from bit sized projects to larger ventures, project management plays a vital role. There is a great importance of project management in business.

For any business, it is crucial to foresee possibilities, consider the current situation, and focus on set goals to develop effective plans. Once the execution is started the project managers must closely monitor the progress and ensure everything goes as planned. If any discrepancies are predicted or discovered, then immediate actions are possible. This enhances execution and reduces chances of poor quality deliverables.

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Project Management through Red Apple

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