Important Features That Influence Game Sustainability of a Mobile Game Development Company in India

By Red Apple
Date: Apr 28, 2017

It is the tremendous growth of game development companies in India that has led to a spurt of professional game development especially in the mobile games industry with the ability to leverage technologies such as SMS MMS and GPS. Today no Smart phone is without embedded apps and games that are its biggest attraction.

With the ever competitive challenges in the industry that is running high in the present scenario mobile game development has taken over the development process the most widely accepted platform for gaming making the technical process easier. However, one needs to zero in on the most important aspects that influence and sustain the shelf life of games in the industry.

Most important elements of a game development company in India

  • Location based games
  • Theme based games
  • Cross platform and multi platform games
  • Online games and Community games
  • Skill based and gambling games
  • Advergaming apps
  • Community games

The biggest challenges faced by every mobile game development company

Accessibility: Are you reaching your audience effectively?

Piracy: How effective is your payment process without compromising the accessibility of your content?

Technicalities: Phone resource restriction, data trafficking, portability, latency problems. Are these being addressed efficiently?

One significant area in the success of cross platform development such as mobile game development is the effective use of notification. The tricks of the trade employed by top notch game development companies across the world are

  • Be aware of your games playing guidelines before pushing notification.
  • Users who are stuck while playing should be sent actionable notifications to stimulate them to progress to a next view in a hassle free process.
  • Deep link notifications to direct players should be sent to the next action spots within the gaming app.
  • Notifications should be used to build emotional relationships with gamers.
  • Notifications should be divided into categories on basis of player’s interactions and activity as not all players are the same.
  • Notifications should never interrupt player’s activity.
  • Select a particular time slot for notifications rather than pushing them the entire day. That may backfire in a negative manner.
  • Notifications for all kinds of game development should be tested and viewed within the game as this contributes much to the success of any mobile game development company in India.

Mobile games are your source of marketing and growth

Mobile games are a real estate for every mobile game development company . Offering them as marketing platforms is a clever way to gain additional revenue. Leasing them to businesses and using them as a marketing arena requires creative skill to ensure a player isn’t affected which compromises the repute of the game. The mobile game development scenario is n o doubt progressing but such remedies and challenges if addressed in a proper manner will always ensure sustainability in the long run.

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