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Why Hybrid App Development?

With the advent of multiple mobile platforms, an ever increasing need for proper apps that function smoothly across all platforms and devices kept on growing.

Businesses demand urged for immediate solutions from mobile app developers to provide a rich user experience through cross platform apps using the same resources of development.

This prompted Red Apple to start providing cross platform solutions or hybrid app development services catering to high end user experience with a variety of competing devices in Android and iOS platforms.

We extensively use the latest technologies such as Appcelerator Titanium, Phonegap, Xamarin and Unity to produce faster & effective apps ready for use in a quality driven cross platform market.

What Defines Us In Terms Of Hybrid Development and Design?

Our cross platform apps are based upon a flexible model keeping in mind open ended factors of user engagement. In terms of integration and access across various operating systems, you will never face any negative glitches or technical errors of accessibility and communication even on the go.

Characteristic of our cross platform Hybrid app development

  • Open source technology for cost reduction
  • Develop custom mobile apps using HTML5, CSS3 Java script C#
  • Apps compatible with easy accessibility to device hardware
  • Distribution and support on all app stores
  • Optimized support for iOS, Android & Windows OS environments
    • Many business application demands include 3rd Party API integration for data exchange between app & a back end storage space. Also, almost every hybrid app needs some API integration from the world popular Social apps. And, most of the applications have a commercial aspect to it, which means more integration with respect to feature upgrade enabler through In-App purchase or external payment activity using various payment gateways.

      All these are seamlessly and expertly developed and integrated by the cross platform application development team in Red Apple. They are all fully aware to integrate all these.

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    Quality Assurance Targeting Optimized Functionality Demand

    Our Quality Control team keeps up to the ever changing Agile methodology approach of the hybrid app development fraternity and takes care of reporting perfectly about updates, bug fixes, and deviation in functionality.

    Zero tolerance towards error free deliverable is the motto keeping in mind the dynamism of Android device word.
    An Android application does not suffice to the international standards of usability if it is not conforming to the following standards:

      • Every hybrid application development should, be taken care of, in terms of Memory management of the entire app’s functionality. Caching & releasing of necessary as well as redundant data with the combination of thin inter-operatability among screen movements in the application.
      • Many applications are resource hungry in terms of using of the battery life too fast. Our QA teams point them out, if at all they find that happening during testing and hence, the hybrid app developer community tries to optimize such consumption as much as possible.
      • Most of the applications interact with a back end storage system in the form of some specified server based database. Since, this data inter exchange between the front end smart devices and back-end database happens through the tunnel of Web APIs, it is important to identify slag areas or time lag situations when this activity is executed.

      Red Apple’s quality team does it all.


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