Why HTML5 is One of the Sought After Frameworks for Mobile Game Development

By Red Apple
Date: Oct 12, 2018
Category: HTML5 Game Development

It is a known fact that Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML is the basic language of World Wide Web. From the very beginning, HTML has been used for the purpose of presenting and structuring content. .Its extended version, HTML5, has brought significant improvements to the framework, enabling to be used across several application areas, including game development. HTML5 is the extended version of the HTML family which has induced major developments keeping the earlier markup practices. However, with the latest addition, one question keeps on pondering-What makes it special and why we require it.

For creating games, an HTML5 game development company needs to have an optimum understanding of this framework for ensuring desired performance. You need to hire html5 game developer who has profound knowledge of this language for creating quality HTML5 games.

In today’s time more and more people prefer to access internet on their mobile phones. Although it appears to be a simple activity, but it does have a significance. The mobile game development businesses now are more concerned about their services being responsive on the smartphone devices.

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The HTML5 technology is the new version and is highly capable in offering fruitful solutions for various business challenges. The updated features of this technology is quite flexible and hence can be applied on diverse platforms. If any game application is being developed using HTML5, it can function smoothly across platforms including mobile browsers. Initially it was used for lightweight micro sites structuring and static catalog development. Since then this technology has evolved and now it can be utilized for developing different applications ranging from enterprise apps, lifestyle & entertainment apps and 2D and 3D game across genres like, action, adventure, puzzle, casino, board, etc.

With the advancements in the HTML5 framework, we can see several versions or flavors of the framework being created to suit specific purposes and requirements in HTML5 game development. For example, it would be recommended to use Phaser JS for 2D games while it is preferable to use BabylonJS for 3D game development. Some other versions widely used currently include, Construct JS, Angular JS, React JS, etc.

If we go by data and statistics, then this latest markup language occupies approximately 68 percent of the mobile game development arena. The growth trend of this language is highly progressive and is getting widely popular.

Let us see below some reasons and benefits of HTML5 game development:

Cross Platform Support:

HTML5 framework enables us to create and deploy games across platforms like, iOS, Android, desktop browsers and mobile browsers. Phaser and Cocos2D JS are two prominent game engines of HTML5 framework. Both these engines help in developing games which are lightweight, and can be played across platforms. This apart, it also helps in providing support for the mobile browsers. Cocos 2D JS has got an additional advantage of enhancing the UI and UX aspects of mobile games. This cross-platform support provided by HTML5 helps in minimizing time & costs involved in publishing a game on multiple platforms.

Mobile Browser Support:

Besides downloading games from app stores, a vast audience of games lies on the browsers. With more and more gamers using mobile as their preferred gaming device it becomes imperative to have games which can be played on mobile browsers as well. HTML5 is one of the very few technologies that provide game development support for mobile browsers, without compromising on the quality and the gaming experience.

Game Performance:

As more and more users of the smartphones are getting addicted towards mobile gaming, the question of performance is becoming prominent. A HTML5 game development company has to focus on the performance issues to make the games appealing and attractive. Hence HTML5 game developers use engines like Phaser or Babylon JS, that provide experience and game performance comparable to native mobile games.

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Game Size:

This is another vital element that determines the popularity of HTML5 framework. HTML5 game engines can successfully develop mobile games that are light weight and equipped with all necessary attributes as desired by the users. While better experience can be achieved in art and asset heavy games using Unity game development, this also means compromising on the size and performance. This is where the light framework of HTML5 helps in reducing the size and improving performance of mobile and browser games.

Fast Connectivity:

Here innovative tags have replaced javascript which has resulted in reducing the need for plug-ins. With HTML5, gaming applications can function effectively on wide platforms. By developing improved tags in apps you can avail the advantage of running it without getting paused or crashed from different browsers. In this way the process of communication also gets improved.

The Semantics:

The introduction of new tags with this technology will help the game developers to strengthen the code quality for more rational results. For example, the developers earlier used “div” which actually indicates nothing about the content. But the developers can now become more efficient by using newly developed tags like “nav”. Also it helps in providing the necessary semantic elements needed for classifying various HTML5 application development services.

Special Effects and 3D Graphics:

Game developers use HTML5 and rendering frameworks for creating gaming assets to develop exciting gameplay and engage and retain the gamers for repeated play. Developers can provide unique visual effects as it comes with “canvas”. However, previously it was only possible using javascript or CSS/Flash. CSS3 2D and 3D have become an integral part of HTML5 along with SVG as it can give more authority and credits for this newly developed language.

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