Which Game Engine You Should Use – Unity 3D Or Unreal?

By Red Apple
Date: Nov 7, 2018
Category: Unity Games, Unreal Game Engine

Mobile games have become highly addictive among the avid gamers (users of smartphones) of today. Creating mobile games involves uses of latest technologies/frameworks/engines for the purpose of making them more immersive and interactive.

For a Unity game development company like us, concept to creation matters a lot. We try to emphaisze upon core game mechanics by offering Ray Casting, exact prototypes etc. Today’s mobile game development company needs to be thorough with both Unity 3D and Unreal Engine to create diversified games for the users.

Now in this post we will focus mainly on these game engines.

There are mainly two key players when it comes to game engines. These are-Unreal engine and Unity 3D. People who are glued to the gaming world may know that Unity 3D has a 48 percent market share with 4.5 million subscribers. On the other hand, Unreal Engine holds 13 percent share with comparatively less subscribers. Just by stating facts and figures like this won’t help you with adequate information.

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Now let us go into the details of the chosen topic to understand the suitability and relevance of the most convenient one.

Focus on Your Plan: Here we will talk about various probable options that can come in your mind while thinking of creating mobile games. Before getting into the debate or discussion of between Unity 3D and Unreal, it is very important for you to decide upon the kind of games that you are aiming to create. It may happen that you want to go for only 2D or 3D or even a mix of both. You may also wish to make your first game simple yet interesting. You can also make your games enriched with superior quality graphics so that it can fetch high revenue. Do you plan to launch it in mobile app stores or are you creating it for use on desktops? You have to consider all these factors before selecting the right and appropriate game engine to meet your purpose.

Now with your plan ready, let us consider the following factors that will help you decide your convenient gaming engine.

Price Aspect: This is one the first considerations that comes in mind while developing games. Both Unreal and Unity 3D have some free and some chargeable components. You can avail the entire version of Unreal engine 4 free of cost provided your game revenue is less than 3,000 dollar per quarter. If it is more than that then you will be charged 5 percent from your income. If your yearly revenues is less than 100,000 dollar for Unity 3D then you can avail few components with limited functionalities free. But with paid versions you can get some add on features like replacement of the standard splash screen or Asset Bundle that can make your games stand out in the competitive market. If you want to use a professional version, then the price will be 1500 dollars or a subscription valued at 75 dollars per month.

Thus you can see that Unity 3D can be a good choice if you are planning to make something big. But for an experimental or a simple plan Unreal Engine can be considered.

Languages of Programming: Both UE4 and Unity have their individual asset stores. From the asset stores you can use readily available textures, 3D models of characters, environments and particle systems and sounds. Here also Unity 3D will come as a clear winner due to ample number of assets available in its store. It includes anything from GUI generators to extensions for controlling AI, animation and ORK frameworks for creating RPGs.

Thus here also awesome games can be created using Unity 3D with better asset store.

Platforms: If you can access more platforms, the more chance you will have to increase your customer base.

Let us see what are the platforms offered by both these engines:

Unity 3D: Android, iOS, Windows PC, Web Player, WebGL, Android TV, Mac OS X, Linux, Playstation Vita, Wii U, Xbox One and 360.

Unreal Engine: Windows PC, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, Steam OS, HTML5, PS4, Xbox One, Linux, VR.

In this scenario also Unity is the winner.

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Graphics: In terms of graphics, Unreal Engine bags the first place. From advanced dynamic lighting to complex particle simulation systems Unreal Engine covers all. It has the ability to make any type of visual styles in both 2D or 3D environment. But with the latest version of Unity 3D you can assume to come near to Unreal Engine.

Blueprint: The Blueprint visual scripting is present only in Unreal Engine. Here technically you do not have write any codes. A node based scripting method will help you in writing it. It will also help in creating entire games and prototypes. In case you are not a full fledged programmer, still you can create games but obviously with certain restrictions.

Both gaming engines consist of latest resources to create captivating games for the gamers. The above mentioned factors will surely help choose the most suitable ones depending on your requirement.

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