What Are the Distinctive Attributes of Unity and HTML5

By Red Apple
Date: Oct 24, 2018
Category: Mobile Game Development

The process of mobile game development has undergone a sea change owing to the rapid progress in science and technology. The use of modern digital technologies have made mobile games engaging for the avid gamers. Among the various technologies used for mobile game development, HTML5 and Unity are the two most prominent in recent times. You can create multiple genre games (2D and 3D) using both HTML5 and Unity.


HTML5 is a web compatible format for creating games across multiple platforms. This format is highly suitable to develop games for desktop & mobile browsers. The different frameworks that we use for making games using HTML5 are Phaser, Cocos2D JS, Babylon JS, Angular JS and React JS. These apart, some frameworks which are being globally used include Angular JS and React JS. Among all these, Phaser is the most commonly used framework. Apart from Babylon JS all other frameworks are used better suited for creating 2D games. For making 3D games we use Babylon JS.

You can hire HTML5 game developer from us to create both 2D and 3D games across all platforms.

Prospect of HTML5 Games: HTML5 is in demand because it helps in making light weight games games with low size for mobile browsers especially. Due to its web based nature, the games that are created by a HTML5 game development company consume less memory space of the devices. It helps in one time development & multiple deployment and is also an ultimate option for 2D games because of the low loading time. The compatibility aspect of the HTML5 games has made it popular among the users game lovers of all ages all over the world across the globe.

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HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language is the main language for World Wide Web. The latest version of HTML-HTML5 has brought in major improvements in the domain of mobile gaming. It has made mobile games compatible and flexible for multiple platforms.

Recommendation: HTML5 is a good choice for developing games which can be embedded in native applications. We have profound experience of creating games for Native applications using HTML5 format. This can be done for both Android and iOS. The reliable and light-weight games developed using HTML5 appeal to all who look for uninterrupted gameplay


The choice of game engine and framework largely impact the outlook and development of a game. We believe that for creating mobile games the presentation, pace of development, genre, sustainability and presentation play a major role. All these depend on the framework of the game. Unity acts as both game engine and framework for creating all types of games for the users.

A renowned unity game development company can create cross platform games with less development time. Given below are some features which sets Unity apart from the crowd:

Multiplatform Support: Games developed using Unity can be imported to 27 platforms including iOS, Android, PC, Mac and web. We use this as we intend to develop cross functional games within the desired time period. Here we use Agile methodology for enabling constant testing and prototyping. In this way we can make the game development process accurate and fast.

Unity is free: You can download and use Unity for free in the “Personal” edition. It has both free and pro version with unique features embedded in each. The free version can be opted for in order to experience prime gaming feature highlights.

AR and VR: The growing popularity of technologies like AR & VR is well supported by Unity. We use Unity as it is well compatible with the hardwares of VR, MR and recently also AR.

Asset Tracking: To take care of the gaming scripts and assets Unity helps us with its Asset Control Server Solution. These components contribute in creating exciting and engaging games of various genres according to the requirements of the clients.

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Unity Analytics: This is something which you should have during the release of your game. This tool is very suitable regarding the distribution of your game, to avail necessary information and feedbacks about your players and some many other metrics.

Both Unity and HTML5 have their unique advantages when it comes to developing mobile games. With HTML5 you can have games with simple assets but high compatibility in mobile browsers. On the other hand, with Unity you can have enhanced visual assets in your game besides compatibility and quality. Another advantage of this is that you can create both 2D and 3D versions across all platforms.

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