4 Considerations before developing a Mobile App

By Red Apple
Date: Nov 14, 2015
Category: Mobile Apps

Recent studies suggest that 10 mobile apps are launched every day. And why shouldn’t companies think about mobile app development, for there is a thriving market waiting. Successful apps can earn huge revenues for their makers. But on the other hand, a study by Localytics also shows that one out of every four downloaded apps are never used and eventually discarded. There are only a handful of apps that stay on in the devices and are used every day. So, the secret to success for any mobile app development is to make it so useful that the users cannot discard it. Make it a part of their daily habit. That’s what the most successful Android apps and iOS apps development projects attain.

Wherever you read, there is a common advice provided about mobile app development – if you are not developing it yourself, make sure that there is a great plan in place before approaching a mobile app development company. Whether you are thinking about Android apps development or iOS apps development, it all lies in the idea. So, here are 4 important considerations that help your app get to the top.

  • Fill the Gap: The main reason users find mobile apps so appealing is that it solves one of their long standing problems in a very simple manner. Look around; there are many vacant spaces that need to be filled with a good idea. Choose such an idea that has the capacity to become of everyday use. There are two types of problems – intrinsic ones (that need a great idea) or enhancements (there are products but they are just not up to the mark). Choose any of these problem areas and ask the mobile app development company to come up with a plan to approach the problem.
  • Make it Simple: Mobile apps are invariably used on the go. Small screen size of the devices can be a nightmare for User Experience. So, while you are thinking about hundreds of helpful features, carry out a reality check. Are the features simple to use? How much brainstorming does the user have to do while using the app? Ideally, the features of your app should open within minimum number of clicks. The users should be able to understand user flow of the app within seconds. Also make sure that the app is free of bugs and crashes.
  • Market Ahead of Release: Certain iOS apps or Android apps development projects suffer due to the lack of proper marketing strategy. Do not make the fatal mistake of starting the marketing campaigns once the app is released. Best apps create an air before the actual product hits the floors. Start mentioning your product in leading blogs, get coverage based on demos, previews and teaser videos even while the mobile app development company is still not 100% with the features.
  • Reach the Masses: There are many distribution channels available for the mobile apps. So, you should select one based on the target audience. Make sure there is enough Press coverage to support the launch of the product. Even if your end goal is to earn revenues from the app, still in the initial stages free apps have better acceptance rates.

Once the app makes it big, it will be constant revenue earner for you. So, planning wisely is of foremost importance to give your app a shot at fame.

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