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Cocos 2D

Why Cocos 2D/2DX ?

Cocos 2D game development is perhaps one of the most sought after tools by mobile game development companies worldwide. As an open source framework that enables easy programming for cross platform 2D games, Cocos 2D provides a diverse range of development with the least effort.

Red Apple Technologies, has developed the expertise that possesses optimum understanding of every concept of Cocos 2D and Cocos 2DX game development to deliver user based interactive games through different versions of the software.

What Makes Us Exceptional In Terms Of Game Development ?

As every mobile game development company is aware of that, Cocos 2D is a gaming software that doesn’t require complex manipulation. It is based upon the language of Objective C whose coding facilitates fast production of customized game applications featuring varied resolution graphics, improved functionality matrix and exceptional user experience.

Apart from utilizing the benefits of Cocos 2D development effort which is royalty free and dependable framework with high elements of stability, Red Apple game development team uses a plethora of technologies to suffice to the human wish list.

    • Whether it is Cocos – 2D development using Objective C/Swift or engaging into cross platform development using C++, we have been doing it all for many solutions worldwide.

      The team has commendable expertise in optimizing loading time & performance of the games coupled with proper memory management. Optimizing the build size is a challenge in typical game solutions and Red Apple does that quite successfully throughout.

      Smooth and error free JSON & XML parsing is needed at times for many game data inter exchange between server and front end devices which is a must in our development community.

      A glimpse of modern and powerful tools used by the team are:

      • Cocos 2D
      • Cocos 2D-X
      • Cocos2d – HTML5
      • Cocos 2D – JS

      Many games demand 3rd Party API integration for data exchange between the game & a back end storage space. Also, almost every game needs some API integration from the world popular Social apps.

      And, most of the games have a commercial aspect to it, which means more integration with respect to feature upgrade enabler through In-App purchase or external payment activity using various payment gateways.

  • Cocos 2D
    Cocos 2D

    Stringent & Disciplined Quality Testing

    Any game development process cannot have a complete team without an assignment of a Quality assurance personnel within the development team.

    Not a single milestone based deliverable goes to the customer without passing through the various stages of testing & quality assurance.

    Our QA team is well equipped and experienced enough to understand and match relative game performance matrix for awarded a pass/fail report for any deliverable.

    Further, different parameters essential for a game deliverable like load testing, user testing etc. are religiously followed as a team effort during any game development process.


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