An engaging IoT (internet of things) based game with an appealing visual and audio effect to offer an adrenaline-rush experience with abundant excitements.


Mobiles games are steadily emerging as a major entertainment medium. People are installing mobile games to obtain plenty of joy and thrill. It is time to raise the amusement level with the integration of IoT (internet of things) technology in mobile games. With this cutting-edge technology, action-packed sports like boxing becomes very immersive as well as extremely natural in look and feel.

At Red Apple Technologies, we are always committed to utilising the latest technology trends like IoT to meet the exact requirements of our clients. When the client approached us to devise this game using IoT, we decided to proceed following the specific needs and priorities. We devoted considerable time to understanding the requirements of the client clearly. Then we decided to progress with the task strategically. Our sole aim was to provide the best service experience in the market.


This game involves the use of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) enabled sensors to track the punch style, punch type, punch time, and punch speed of the gamers. Users have the choice to select their boxing avatar and also have the opportunity to invite their friends to connect. The gaming interactions are extremely clear where players can prominently

view the punch impact. The app offers various gaming modes like training, multiplayer, bot, and ghost keeping into consideration the distinct needs of the gamers. Using these modes, gamers have the opportunity to develop their boxing skill, compete with multiple players, test their punching stamina, or simply play with

the game bots just to spend time. The game is pretty compatible with Android & iOS mobile platforms. The game also comes with enriching graphic elements to create an eye-catching impact. Gamers can exhibit their boxing skill in different virtual tournaments that the platform offers.


Boxing avatar selection

Interactive IoT (Internet of Things) integration

Gaming mode selection like the ghost, bot, practice, multi-player, and so on.

Punch impact tracking sensors

Offer 6 major punch types- Cross, Jab, Left Uppercut, Right Uppercut, Right Hook, and Left Hook.

Tournament and event creation



Issues Emerged

The game is mainly devised to create an immersive playing environment using IoT

(internet of things) technology. This will result in maximum user retention and engagement. Boxing lovers, especially, will have the chance to showcase their skills quite interactively with this game. Depending on the needs of the clients,

we have also worked on enriching the graphics and audio effects to improve the gaming experience. We were quite pleased when the client expressed their satisfaction after having a thorough view of the designed game.


The main technology used in this game was IoT ( Internet of Things). The front-end elements of this IoT-Integrated game run on Unity technology. While the back-end works on Angular, Node JS, Amazon, Firebase, SNS, Amazon SES, AWS S3, and Amazon RDS. We have also deployed Avatar SDK to transform the 2D texture into the 3D texture to ensure a smooth playing character integration.



When working on this project, we have experienced challenges in certain scenarios.

The main challenge was the real-time tracking of the API error log. At the same time, we have also faced difficulties in easily connecting with the BLE-enabled tracking sensors. This eventually also makes it a bit difficult for us to

obtain the live data like the calorie level of the players. Our team also have to experience difficulties while transforming the 2D facial image into the 3D version by integrating the Avatar SDK.


Handling challenges is nothing new to us. Like every game development project, we proceed strategically to overcome the obstacles to meet the exact needs of the clients. This eventually raised the appeal of this game among the sport-loving audience. This project serves as a specimen of our technological acumen to deliver the proper outcome with an unbeaten quality.



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