What are the Advanced Features of the Newly Released iOS 12

By Red Apple
Date: Oct 9, 2018
Category: iOS App Development

The most awaited iOS 12 version has been released very recently. This is a good reason to rejoice for all the iPhone users. This operating system will help you boost all your Apple devices-iPod, iPad, iPhone with respect to the upcoming and futuristic applications. Some noteworthy features of iOS 12 include speed and performance, better notification, FaceTime etc. The uses of these special features can make your iPhone more intuitive, faster and seamless. The operating system of iOS 12 runs smoothly with all iOS 11 compatible devices-6th generation iPod touch or later, iPhone 5S or later, iPad mini 2 or later.

If you have any one of the above mentioned devices, the you will be automatically prompted to install iOS 12. You can also do it manually by navigating Settings-General-Software Update. An iOS app development company should develop apps that can run seamlessly with the new version of iOS 12. The new operating system is highly pivotal in making iOS app development services distinctive and attractive.

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Following are the features of iOS which deserve mention:

Major Change to Face Time:

The change in Face Time is regarded as a noticeable move in this latest release. FaceTime according to Apple currently supports audio and video at once with upto 32 people. In addition to this, the users will experience change in interface features. Here automatically the tile of the person speaking gets larger. This will facilitate in remaining on the track of the conversation. Right from a group thread in messages iOS 12 helps the users to start Group FaceTime any time.

Speed Improvement:

User experience largely depends on speed and performance. Right from launching the camera to typing on the interface, this OS release emphasizes upon things that the users prefer to do each day. The users can feel the speed of their device and can experience significant improvement. The users are ensured about 2x faster app launch, 70 percent faster swipe to the camera and 50 percent faster keyboard display. Hence, speed enhancement will definitely help in improving the performance standards of the devices.

Camera Effects:

From the in-app camera the users can easily add any personality or FaceTime to the messages. In this way they can enjoy live conversation feature. Creating videos or pictures can also be done easily using the fun stickers, cool filters, animated text effects, new animoji, memoji and much more.

Photo Search Option:

With the coming of iOS 12 searching photos on your phone is no more a trouble. The ways to search photos have been revolutionized by iOS 12. The users can find exact pictures they want in this operating system from the ‘Search Suggestions’, which includes places, people and moment. Images related to people, events and places will be displayed immediately by using the feature of smart search suggestion.

Smart Management of Notification:

Contrary to Android, smart management of notifications can be availed with iOS 12. Using this the users can efficiently manage notifications in real time from the Lock screen. Also notifications can be send from a particular app to the notification center. IOS 12 helps the users in setting Do Not Disturb option.

Augmented Reality:

Creating a more immersive augmented reality has been emphasized by Apple via the release of iOS 12. Here multiple users can experience the AR feature by sending or sharing AR objects through emails and messages. Just by pointing the camera, Apple’s AR app can identify the real-world objects.

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Convenient Shortcuts:

The users of iOS 12 can efficiently streamline the tasks that they perform with shortcuts. Siri has contributed a lot in refining the user experience. You daily tasks can now be paired with third party apps which can guide you with the appropriate shortcuts to meet your purpose. The users can also run voice shortcuts along with this as well. For example Siri will memorize your daily routine and will also suggest you when the required action is to be taken.

Enhanced Privacy:

Safety and security has always been the priority for Apple. With the release of iOS 12 the aspect of safety and security has gone beyond imagination. Comment Widgets and Share Buttons have now been stopped by Safari to prevent tracking without permission.

The above mentioned features are more than enough to mention why iOS 12 should be opted for. Starting from typing to experience superior safety, iOS 12 has it all. It gives an ultimate user experience by its AR feature and also helps in performing multi-tasks within a brisk time period.

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