Why Mobile App is Must for Real Estate Agents?

By Red Apple
Date: Nov 10, 2017
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Real estate is a fruitful business and mobile app for real estate agents make their job even better. Realtors from around the world can connect with each other through one app and find out properties for their clients. This can make their job easier and reduce paper work. As their customer base increases the daunting task of manually tracking their clientele and progress of every customer can be easily managed using a good mobile app for real estate agents.

Real Estate Mobile App Features:

Understanding what a successful realtor looks for in an ideal app, can make any android app development company design and deliver good mobile app for real estate agent.

Direct Marketing:

First of all, realty is a business that needs a lot of marketing and this can be the first and useful feature for real estate agents. This will not only help clients to reach you when they see a suitable property listed, but it will also help agents to notify their clients when an apt property is added to the database.

Customer-agent reachability:

A good mobile app for real estate agent allows clients and agents to stay connected. Even if agents are not online, clients can check for available options from the property database. It allows your business to stay connected with your clients 24/7.


Having a good mobile app can help establish credibility. People will develop trust and would feel safer to deal with you. If you have an app developed by professional android app development company, you can reach out to a wider segment of people and set your mark in the industry.

Showcase properties:

There are many good real estate mobile app ideas that you can have for your application. For example, you can not only provide listing with textual details, but you can also provide pictures of respective properties. This will help customers in decision-making and will save your time on showing inapt properties to your clients.

Location Sharing:

One of the best real estate mobile app ideas is to integrate location sharing feature in your app. Sometimes it becomes difficult to direct customers to the property site. With location sharing feature, you will allow your clients to reach the property location without any hassle.

Lead Generation:

It is nothing new in the fact that real estate agencies work on leads. Having an app will not only make it easier for you to crack deals, but will also allow you to develop a client-base with good leads.

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Real estate mobile app ideas

Real Estate Properties listing:

Depending on the type of your business, you can ask any android app development company to design an app with the aforementioned features. However, one of the core ideas for having a mobile app for real estate agent is to be able to share property information.

Repair estimation:

It’s not always that agents get properties in good condition. There are possibilities that your clients may have to repair the property before moving in. Your app can help such clients by providing estimation of the repair charges on the selected property.

If you are a realtor and looking forward to enhance your business, then having a good app to represent your company is a must.

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