How Internet of Things (IoT) Plays a Major Role in Home Automation?

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Date: Feb 1, 2018
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The entire world is evolving with new technologies and IoT is the current trend. Not all, but those who are aware of it, are looking forward to home automation using IoT. There are many IoT solution providers who can help you experience IoT based home automation. But before we talk about home automation using IoT, let us first understand what it is.

What is IoT?

IoT is acronym for Internet of Things. It is the modern world network of device such as home appliances, vehicles, and other physical devices. These devices are interconnected over the network provided they are embedded with required software, actuators, sensors, and network connectivity. Each of these devices are uniquely identified over the network and exchange data.

Home Automation Using IoT : Getting Started

The idea of IoT based home automation may seem fictitious initially, but not anymore; thanks to the advancements in Internet of Things. It is now quite possible to have an automated house using this technology; here is how to get started.

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There are three broadly categorized components of an IoT automated house: hardware, software, and communication protocol. These three components are indispensable as each of these are crucial for building a smart home. Equipping the IoT network with right hardware ensures successful IoT prototype development. It will also help in coping with technological changes.

It is crucial to select the right communication protocol. A well designed and tested protocol will help in avoiding performance bottlenecks and issues with device integration. Along with the communication protocol, another crucial component of the IoT network is the firmware.

What Are the Applications of Home Automation?

IoT based home automation can revive the way people use technology. There is a considerable range of possibilities when we speak about applications of home automation.

  • Controlled electrical fixtures such as lights and air conditioners
  • Simplified garden or lawn management
  • HVAC
  • Controlled smart home appliances
  • Enhanced safety and security at home
  • Water and air quality control and monitoring
  • Voice based home assistant supporting natural language
  • Smart locks and switches

These are a few, but not all the possible applications of home automation using IoT. As technology advances, there will be more added to the list.

IoT Home Automation

IoT Home Automation Components

According to the IoT services for home automation, there are many important technical components which makes IoT based home automation possible. These are:

  • Sensors
  • Gateway
  • Communication protocols
  • Firmware

Cloud services are divided into three categories: Platform as a Services, Infrastructure as a services, and Software as a service.  There are numerous IoT cloud computing service provides such as:

  1. AWS IoT
  2. Azure IoT
  3. Thingworx
  4. Thingspeak
  5. Carriots
  6. Konekt
  7. Xively
  8. IBM Bluemix

What Are the Advantages of Home Automation Using IoT?

  • Home security:  With IoT home automation you are less worried about home security. You can control the security of your home with your phone. If anything goes wrong, you may receive notifications on your phone and you may probably operate you lights or locks through your phone.
  • Energy efficiency and savings:  You can increase the energy efficiency by controlling your electrical fixtures through IoT. If you are unsure whether your child has left lights on before leaving, you can check and control it through your phone.
  • Convenience:  This can be considered as one of the main advantages of home automation using IoT. You have the control of all your devices connected through IoT. It makes it very convenient for you to have all the devices adjusted just through your phone. For example, if you forgot to adjust your thermostat in the morning before you left your house, you can adjust it from your office.

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Advantages of IoT for Business:

IoT is not only for home automation but you can use it for your advantage at work. Following are the benefits of IoT for businesses:

  • Convenience in managing connected business
  • Easy management of larger data
  • Manage user identity easily
  • Enhances security and monitoring

With so many benefits, IoT is something that everyone is looking forward to. If you are looking for IoT services for home automation, there are many IoT solution providers that can help you automate your home based on Internet of Things.

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