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Character Modeling App

Why Us ?

The back bone of any creative game development relies highly on the basis of its characters.

At Red Apple Technologies, our objectives in game quality is to ensure amazing animation that breathes life into characters enhancing the popularity of our 3D games.

Our Specialization

Equipped with the latest 3D printing technology and backed by a superb team of creative animators and rigging artists, we build up a gaming character right from character sculpting to character rigging which is the preparation process for final animation.

We believe in the versatility of animation based on flexible ideas that can produce characters across a variety of themes.

Character Modeling App
Character Modeling App

Value Added Capability

What sets us apart in the field of character modeling is the ability to understand the nature of a theme.

Whether it is a theme developed for adventure, sport, educational or fantasy, our experts produce the best possible design sculpting that emulates perfectly to the magical creature or a fantasy dragon specific to your imaginative ideas.

We transform imaginative ideas into reality which are the essentials of a successful captivating game.