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Why us?

Designing apps for mobile screens isn’t the same as web design. UI design or User interface design is one of the main factors which needs to be focused upon, when developing apps and games to provide maximum interaction for a user.

Mobile app design is all about establishing a connection with the user with respect to proper syncing with the functional experience along with the GUI so that, there is a rich and rewarding feel.

Red Apple has the exact expertise to distinguish between the different design modes.

Our Specialization

We, at Red Apple understand perfectly the factors that go into producing a perfectly designed mobile (android, iPhone, Web) app in terms of functionality, location and theme.

We do not establish a singular design for every app but, rather explore how designs can be correlated to the theme of an app in terms of its user’s function.

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Value Added Capability

Our apps possess rich expressions of image control that guide a user through every function. We provide an entertaining and functional experience rather than a boring one

Special high end elements of user satisfaction is explored by us with usage of latest methods of design such as face recognition, image based functions and voice control.

With aesthetic and visually appealing designs, we reach out to a user helping him through apps navigation without any measure of difficulty.